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Spring Quilt Market 2013: Yuwa and Kei

Distributed by the same company, Yuwa and Kei both have an unassuming presence at market. A small booth, no frills; just letting the fabrics speak for themselves. I think that is why a lot of the Amazing goes under the radar. Sleeper hits you might say. A playful cat and bird, ballerinas, captivating Liberty-esque florals [...]

Cotorienne by Anyan for Yuwa

We got to see Anyan‘s Summer/Autumn 2012 Cotorienne collection for Yuwa (a website for Yuwa! Hooray!) at Fall Quilt Market, and now it’s starting to arrive in stores and I’m getting all jittery and hoardy feeling. The Spring 2013 collection is also online and available through his online shop, but maybe not till later this [...]

Blije Olifantje

I’ve thought before that it would be a great (and different) concept for a fabric shop to hoard fabric until it is sold out everywhere else, and only then put that stock up for sale. It’d be extremely difficult to pull that off without a crystal ball, though. Somehow, Blije Olifanje (Happy Elephant) on Etsy [...]

Ayumills’ Shop

Ayumi Takahashi (Pink Penguin)’s Etsy shop is small but well-curated. Some fabric you’ve never seen before, some fabric you may have seen before but maybe not through Ayumi’s eyes. She favors hard-to-find vintage reproductions, vintage-inspired, and text fabrics from Suzuko Koseki, Kumiko Fujita, Atsuko Matsuyama, and more from Yuwa, Kei, Lecien, and other manufacturers. I’m [...]

Fall Quilt Market 2012: Yuwa

{ Maybe my absolute favorite novelty print at this market, or ever? – this is Anyan’s second collection for the Yuwa Live Life line — the first, Cotorienne, was also a favorite last spring.  } Can I just please get a pneumatic tube installed that runs straight between Yuwa and my house? I love everything they do [...]

Yuwa Circles and Strawberries

This vintage reproduction print by Yuwa is printed on cotton a cotton-linen blend, which is washed to create an aged look. I’ve not seen this fabrication in person yet but I love that they are trying to capture the look and feel of vintage fabric without its fragility. Spotted at Jones & Vandermeer. Related posts: [...]

Japanese Cotton Lawns

Japan Lovely Crafts on Etsy has a good selection right now of cotton lawns from Yuwa, Cosmo, and other manufacturers. Related posts: Cosmo Cotton Lawn Japanese Fabric of the Week: Memoire a Paris Cotton Lawn Budget Cotton Lawns at Japanese Fabric of the Week: Yuwa Umbrellas Help Japan by Buying Japanese Fabric

Spring Quilt Market 2012: Yuwa

{ All photos by Ellen Luckett Baker of The Long Thread } As you know Yuwa is one of the essential stops at Quilt Market because it’s difficult to find out about their new releases outside of market. Ellen was as enamoured with the Cotorienne collection by Anyan as I am, and took pictures of [...]

Anyan: Cotorienne

I have seen bits and pieces of this Yuwa collection around the shops and loved the prints individually, and now that I’ve seen the whole thing together thanks to Fancy Tiger in Denver, I love it even more. Related posts: Misc. Retro/Reproductions from Yuwa/Kei Yuwa Circles and Strawberries Yuwa Live Life Tea Patchwork Japanese Fabric [...]