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Traditional Mexican Woven Fabrics

  With simple geometrics and neon colors being so of-the-moment, maybe people will take a second look at traditional woven fabrics from Mexico. I don’t know what I’d do with these, but I’m really attracted to them. Ideas? All these and many more can be found at MexFabricSupplies on Etsy.   Related posts: Daily Swatch: [...]

Home Dec Fabric of the Week: Eclat Weave by Anni Albers / Knoll

We already have Japanese Fabric of the Week on Mondays, and Digital Fabric of the Week on Thursdays … I am thinking that, for the new year, each weekday needs its own type of fabric-of-the-week feature. So I’m making Wednesdays Home Dec day, which will give me the opportunity to cover those high-end fabrics that [...]

Daily Swatch: Pattern Types- Misc. Tessellations – Houndstooth

In case you’ve forgotten what a classic, woven houndstooth looks like after seeing all the printed variations this week, here it is. Of course *classic* classic houndstooth is black & white. The green & cream houndstooth above is a wool piece from ZinniaSnipSnap on Etsy. I’m starting to think of houndstooth as a diagonal space [...]

Daily Swatch: Gingham

Gingham Anchors from the collection of my-name-is-annie on Flickr. Related posts: Daily Swatch: Gingham Daily Swatch: Gingham Daily Swatch: Gingham Daily Swatch: Gingham Daily Swatch: Gingham