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Felt Week: Felt Craft Book Roundup Part II

Welcome to Part Two of the Felt Craft Book Roundup: the cute, the zakka, the Japanese. (Part One is here.) Kata Golda’s Hand-Stitched Felt: 25 Whimsical Sewing Projects, by Kata Golda, STC Craft, 2009. Cute simple sweet projects, for kids, home and self. Get the full True Up review here. Did someone say cute? I [...]

Felt Week: Felt Craft Book Roundup Part I

What to do with all that felt, you ask? Make something! (Or, if you’re like me, READ about making something! That is almost as good.) These selections feature sweet and sophisticated projects for home and accessories. Stay tuned for our recommendations on cute, zakka, Japanese and softies. Fabricate: 17 Innovative Sewing Projects that Make Fabric [...]

Felt Week: Felt Cafe Japan

I discovered Liz at Felt Cafe Japan when I bought Ed Emberley fabric from her earlier this year. So she sells more than just felt and felt-centered books in her Etsy shop (in addition to cotton fabric, she also carries that printed masking tape that is becoming so popular around the crafty blogland lately). Her [...]

Felt Week: Felt Shopping Guide

Bonjour! Has Felt Week whetted your apetite for the softer, fuzzier side of fabric? Are you ready to experience wool you could sink your teeth into, if the thought of chewing on this weren’t so weird? Are you wondering why my metaphors always seem to veer off into the culinary? Me too. Never mind that, [...]

Felt Week: Interview With April of Felt-o-rama

Editor’s note, 11/13/09: In some very unfortunate timing on my part, April temporarily shut down Felt-o-rama yesterday for maternity leave. This interview took place some time ago and I hadn’t communicated recently with her re: my publishing timetable, so my sincere apologies to April and to those of you excited about checking out her shop [...]

Felt Week: Sunfelt (With Giveaway!)

Ha ha, you thought the Quilt Market posts were over, but I just had to withhold this one for felt week. Last year’s post about Sunfelt of Japan was a popular one, and I still get emails about where to find their products. (Short Answer: Superbuzzy and Lit’l Brown Bird!) Last year, there were all [...]

Felt Week: Interview With Hillary Lang

Bunny, Kitty, and Bear by Hillary Lang from her Put-Together Book #1 Hillary Lang and her blog Wee Wonderfuls need no introduction — I’m sure she’s responsible for at least one of your needlework or crafting addictions. Her unique and original point of view is evident in everything she creates, from quilts to kids clothing [...]

Welcome to Wool Felt Week

This week on True Up is dedicated to wonderful wool felt. We have interviews, a source list, book reviews and roundups, and of course, a giveaway. But first off, let me introduce you to this fabric in case you’re not already acquainted, and demystify some terminology. What is felt? Felt is a nonwoven, non-knitted textile, [...]