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Unika Vaev: Patterns

Last week we looked at some of Unika Vaev‘s textured upholstery fabrics, now here are some of my favorites amongst their woven designs. Clockwise from top left: Balc√≥n by Dorothy Cosonas, Calypso by Charmaine DeMarco, Cloverleaf by Charmaine DeMarco, Myth by Charmaine DeMarco, Windrad by Josef Hoffmann, 1906; Paradis by Josef Hoffmann, 1908; Comfort by [...]

Multiple Choice: From Sample to Product

The Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum (a branch of the Smithsonian located in New York, NY) recently ran an exhibition called Multiple Choice: From Sample to Product. It examined sample books and other sample media (such as this delightful button card) both as design tools and marketing materials for a variety of products, including textiles. Though [...]