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Do You True Up?

This blog will turn three years old in just a couple months, and I haven’t yet written a post about the sewing term after which this site is named — trueing up. For shame! Well, let’s make up for lost time. “True up” means means to make balanced, straight, square. In sewing, it means to [...]

Daily Swatch: Terry Cloth

The Daily Swatch features a piece of vintage fabric (almost) every day. Themes change periodically. Please add your own examples of the theme to the True Up and/or Vintage Fabric Flickr pools. Terry cloth is a uncut-pile weave fabric. Pile fabrics (which also include velvet and corduroy) are made with an extra set of yarn [...]

Silk Series: Dupioni

There are a large handful of variations of the word “dupioni”: douppioni, doppione, duponi, dupion … and probably others. I’m going to run with “dupioni” just because that’s what seems to be the most common. Whatever your preferred spelling, they all refer to a type of silk made from double cocoons. Many sources say that [...]

Gingham Is Good.

Gingham is a sweet, quiet classic. It can step in as a coordinate in almost any situation. It provides a little more zazz than solids without being showy or trendy. Maybe you can’t help but think of country and grandma’s aprons when you see it, but to me that’s a good thing. Gingham is usually [...]

Know Your Weaves II

The first “Know Your Weaves” post covered the terms “warp” and “weft,” plus the plain weave, satin weave, and twill weave. Here are a few more common weaves you ought to know. basket weave Basket weave: Just like the plain weave, only two or more warp yarns pass over two or more weft yarns. I’m [...]

Know Your Weaves

image from Wikimedia Commons I’m going to be talking about different types of cotton in upcoming posts, and I’ll be posting the much-anticipated tutorial on trueing up your fabric. But first, we have to get a good grounding in basic weaving terms. Ready? There will be a quiz later. Kidding. Unless you want a quiz. [...]