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Roses for Your Weekend

Happy weekend everyone! I’m going to try to catch up on some sleep … you? ( 1960s painterly rose on blue cotton, from Retro Age Vintage Fabrics ) Related posts: Daily Swatch: The Painted Floral Daily Swatch: Cheater Prints Milk Fabric Fabric Forecast 2009: Retro Age Vintage Fabrics Daily Swatch: Teapot Week

Textile Stew: 8/2/11

The British brand Horrockses is re-launching this month! See my previous posts on Horrockses. “Cotton that looks like silk” from Reese Scannell in Australia (via Red Pepper Quilts) Casey’s Elegant Musings on Sourcing Vintage Fabric (and new fabric for vintage styles) Previews Tanya Whelan’s new book (out in December) Tilly strike-offs from Daisy Janie Circa [...]

Milk Fabric

Milk and sleep are the only things I’m able to think about these days, so it’s kind of funny that this story on milk fabric has popped up (via Spoonflower on Twitter). With the rising cost of cotton and the growing interest in more environmentally friendly textiles, maybe milk fabric will catch on. Well, the [...]

Summer Vacay

This is a little scrap of vintage map/vacation-themed fabric from my stash — I love the wild, summery-sweet color scheme. (Sorry about the wrinkles though.) I’d upload it to Kuler for you, but they’re down for redesign at the moment. Related posts: Vintage Folk Twill Lecien’s Fabulous Blooming, and Color Palettes Daily Swatch: Seersucker My [...]


I posted about BunnyBunnybyPinks more than a year ago, but had forgotten about them completely till I stumbled across their crazy sweet 60s-inspired fabrics again on Etsy. So I assume you have forgotten too and would appreciate the reminder! This is a brick-and-mortar and webshop in Osaka, Japan that produces their own exclusive fabric collection [...]

Vintage Folk Twill

These are vintage twill curtains that I bought from a thrift store years ago (and debated at the time whether I liked the print enough to buy it — crazy lady!). Now I love how it’s Penn-Dutch folky but a little less sweet/a little more wild than usual midcentury folk prints. I recently turned some [...]

Seeking Vintage Terry Cloth

Monique of Original Mischief (Flickr) is currently writing a book for Schiffer Publishing about vintage terry cloth! She has close to 4-500 examples of vintage terry cloth patterns in her own collection but is looking for more to feature in the book. So she wrote to me asking for help from True Up readers. She’s [...]

Full Swing Textiles

{ Moonlight in the Pines }   OK, how have I managed to get this far along without ever hearing of Full Swing Textiles? Full Swing started out as a vintage shop in Newport, Rhode Island in the 1980s. In 1986, they purchased a lot of 16,000 yards of deadstock vintage barkcloth fabric. As that [...]

Gombar’s Fabrics

I’ve never been there, save passing through on a train ride from D.C. to New York, but I have a thing for Pennsylvania. If I had to take off and move somewhere, site unseen, it’d be there. I don’t know. I think it springs from my love of The Office and Penn Dutch … but [...]