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My Interview With Pattern Observer

Slow Blog Tour stop #2! Michelle Fifis of the highly magnificent blog Pattern Observer asked me to participate in a webinar interview. She had some students from her e-classes listening in and messaging questions to us at the end. I also ask Michelle about how she started Pattern Observer, and about her design work. She [...]

Milk Fabric

Milk and sleep are the only things I’m able to think about these days, so it’s kind of funny that this story on milk fabric has popped up (via Spoonflower on Twitter). With the rising cost of cotton and the growing interest in more environmentally friendly textiles, maybe milk fabric will catch on. Well, the [...]

Put This On Is Awesome.

Put This On, Episode 1: Denim from Put This On on Vimeo I’m a big fan of fellow UCSC Banana Slug Jesse Thorn’s Sound of Young America and Jordan, Jesse, Go! podcasts, so I was really excited to hear about his newest project, Put This On, and knew+ it would sweep the nation. I remember [...]


COLOURLovers recently featured this extensive look at batik which included the video above. The processes shown here look nothing like what I imagined, and now I’m eager to try them out. Related posts: Happy Batik Day! Video: Behind the Scenes at Moda Gingham Is Good. Milk Fabric Put This On Is Awesome.

More Illustrator Pattern Repeat Tutorials

Straight repeats Stripe repeat Plaid repeat Houndstooth design This same teacher has an easy to understand Intro to Illustrator series starting here. She is a fashion teacher (with an interest in designing fashions for Second Life (!)) so the lessons are geared toward textile people. Related posts: Daily Swatch: Pattern Types – Block Repeat Adobe [...]

How It’s Made: Jeans

If you’ve ever sewn something, this video (from the show How It’s Made) is mesmerizing. Poor quality, but mesmerizing! This show is produced in Canada so most/all of the companies it features are Canadian … anyone have a guess which brand of jeans this is? One of the few not produced in China … Related [...]

Video: Behind the Scenes at Moda

Good morning class, today we’re going to watch a video! Diane pointed me to this video on the Moda/United Notions site that talks about the company’s history and provides a behind-the-scenes look their fabric production process, from the creation of designs to production in the mill to prepping and shipping to customers. I certainly learned [...]