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Donghia Fiesta Tamal

Now that it’s nice and springy, I’ve been dreaming about getting some grown-up outdoor furniture. Or, more likely, finding someone else’s outdoor furniture at a thrift store and giving it a facelift. So this outdoor Sunbrella fabric, featured in the Modern Fabrics newsletter yesterday, caught my eye. (I get a lot of my upholstery fabric [...]

Unika Vaev: Patterns

Last week we looked at some of Unika Vaev‘s textured upholstery fabrics, now here are some of my favorites amongst their woven designs. Clockwise from top left: Balc√≥n by Dorothy Cosonas, Calypso by Charmaine DeMarco, Cloverleaf by Charmaine DeMarco, Myth by Charmaine DeMarco, Windrad by Josef Hoffmann, 1906; Paradis by Josef Hoffmann, 1908; Comfort by [...]

Beautiful Textures of Unika Vaev

Unika Vaev, meaning “unique weave” in Danish, was originally a mill in Denmark but changed hands to the American ICF Group in the 1970s. Simple woven geometric patterns and textures characterize their upholstery fabrics. Though prints and large-scale woven patterns tend to catch our eyes more, personally I’m more into beautiful, durable, retro-feeling textures for [...]

Sina Pearson: Coffee Berry

Sina Pearson Textiles is a NYC-based upholstery fabric company founded in 1990. Pearson herself studied textiles in the U.S. and Sweden in the 60s-70s, and those influences are evident in her designs today — especially in Coffee Berry, which was actually created from a papercut Pearson made for an undergraduate assignment in 1966. (See more [...]

Home Dec Fabric of the Week: Eclat Weave by Anni Albers / Knoll

We already have Japanese Fabric of the Week on Mondays, and Digital Fabric of the Week on Thursdays … I am thinking that, for the new year, each weekday needs its own type of fabric-of-the-week feature. So I’m making Wednesdays Home Dec day, which will give me the opportunity to cover those high-end fabrics that [...]

Thom Filicia Home at Calico Corners

Style TV host/Interior designer Thom Filicia (who is best known for his role on Queer Eye for the Straight Guy) has a new home decor fabric collection with Calico Corners. Thom Filicia Home has a mixture of prints, velvets, linens, jacquard weaves, tweeds, and more in six colorways. His collection follows Calico Corner’s first exclusive [...]

Thomas Paul for Duralee

I feel like I’m betraying Quilt Market by my sudden interest in home dec fabrics, but I don’t think Quilt Market will mind. This eclectic and gorgeous bunch of prints is from the two Thomas Paul collections for Duralee. They are normally only available to the trade but Velocity has them for sale, retailing at [...]

Iman Home Collection at Calico Corners

I’ve been on a quest to better understand home dec fabrics so I can cover them more here. This led me to revisiting my local Calico Corners, which I remember being full of standard-issue stripes, damasks, and toiles in standard-issue jewel tones. Either they have moved their brand in a fresher, more modern direction, or [...]

Spruce TV Pilot

Spruce Upholstery in Austin, Texas do stunning work with an amazing array of home dec fabrics, including True Up faves Mod Green Pod and Skinny LaMinx. They’ve self-produced this TV pilot in hopes that it will get picked up by a network. It’s a little bit home-makeover show, a little Ace of Cakes, a little [...]