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“Fabric” in Other Languages Updated

I realized I never posted an update to our multilingual list of terms for “fabric.” I was happy to discover either my browser or WordPress renders all the non-Latin alphabets correctly for me — I hope it’s the same for you. I also made the list its own page so you can always find it [...]

True Up Group on Flickr!

I’m doing a little meta-True Up business today. First, I changed the header to something more fabric-y — if you’re a feed reader come take a look! I also started a True Up Flickr group. It’s for readers to share photos (or video) related to ongoing features here, like “Show Us Your Stash” and “the [...]

True Up’s Amazon Store

If you’re considering buying a book through Amazon on the subjects of fabric or fabric design, please help support True Up by going through my new Amazon Store. I’ve listed general fabric reference books, books and products by contemporary fabric designers, and in the vintage fabric category: great designers, design eras, price guides, sewing with [...]

Welcome to True Up

Hello and Welcome! True Up is a blog devoted solely to fabric. “True Up” means to make something square or straight, and as a sewing term it means squaring up your piece of fabric, making it true to grain. The term for me also evoked taking a large piece of fabric and chunking it into [...]