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Austin Guide for Quiltcon, Part II: Food Near the Convention Center

Quiltcon-goers may not have the time to pursue an Essential Austin Experience, but you’ll certainly be wandering about near the Convention Center looking to eat at some point. Here are your choices that will get you back to your workshop on time. … Cafe Crepe¬†- Crepes. GOOOOOD. {¬†Easy Tiger, by Jon Tintin Jordan on Flickr, [...]

Austin Guide for Quiltcon, Part 1: Essential Austin Experiences

{ Austin Skyline from Lady Bird Lake, by jrandallc on Flickr. Licensed under Creative Commons 2.0 } I’m so excited to have everyone coming to MY town for Quiltcon! I don’t get to be an ambassador very often so I thought I’d do a little series of posts with recommendations on where to eat and [...]

Cartoon Map Prints by anastasiia-ku

{ Cartoon Map of Paris } City-themed prints and illustrations are always a great choice because they speak so strongly to people’s local pride. Even non-locals who have visited, or just want to visit, are drawn to them. Anastasiia Kucherenko (anastasiia-ku) has combined some of the world’s biggest and most alluring cities with her cute [...]

Help Create a Worldwide Map of Local Fabric Stores

View Larger Map I was planning to start something like this, but Genevieve of The Golden Yard beat me to it! She started a collaborative Google map listing fabric stores, and anyone with a Google account can make additions to it. Just go here. I added a bunch of independent stores in Austin. It was [...]