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A Fair Use Exercise.

I have been watching the now-settled legal battle between Emily Cier / C&T and Kate Spain like a hawk. C&T is also my publisher, Emily could just as easily have been me. And still could be. For my book, I credited the designer and manufacturer when known and gained permission to use most of the [...]

Update on Marimekko / Dolce & Gabbana Lawsuit

The previously posted dispute between Marimekko and Dolce & Gabbana has been settled in Marimekko’s favor. A no-brainer if I ever saw one! According to this news story, D&G will be paying Marimekko for using the famous (and copyrighted) Unikko pattern. (via the Marimekko Blog) Related posts: Marimekko vs. Dolce & Gabanna Inside Marimekko Marimekko [...]

Marimekko vs. Dolce & Gabanna

There is a trademark dispute between Marimekko and Dolce & Gabbana over Marimekko’s signature Unikko floral pattern: news story, Marimekko blog post. I don’t think there is any question of Unikko’s origins; maybe it’s more about the legal technicalities of trademark ownership? I’ll be interested to know how this turns out … I can’t imagine [...]