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Fall Quilt Market 2011: Dear Stella

So there is a pretty significant divide between the quilting, home decor, and fashion worlds. This divide hasn’t evolved out of mutual dislike, it’s just different focuses, different distribution models, different markets. But, newbies don’t always anticipate the divide, and it may take them a while before reality sets in. They proceed blithely, armed only [...]

Fall Quilt Market 2001: Timeless Treasures — Computer Geek Fabrics

Timeless Treasures is starting to corner the market in computer geek fabrics. I think everyone loved Smirk by Kyla May, with its Pac Man and Space Invaders prints. Next up, we have Mechanical Genius by Mo Bedell.   And, a couple cute novelty mini-collections: Computer (an in-house collection) Gumball Machines. OK, maybe not geeky per [...]

Fall Quilt Market 2011: Timeless Treasures – Alice Kennedy

I was also thrilled to meet Alice Kennedy for the first time. I’ve remarked in amazement before about how prolific she is with the gorgeous fabric collections. I learned she works full-time for Timeless Treasures. Aaahhh … the pieces are all coming together for me now! Alice has two new collections: Lemon Grove and Orange Crush. [...]

Fall Quilt Market 2011: Timeless Treasures – Monica Lee

It is the way of Quilt Market chaos — there are online friends you can’t wait to meet, and you make best-laid plans over email, then manage to never so much as lay eyes on them over the course of the weekend. But then there’s always a person who you run into again and again [...]

Hoodie: L’Amour de la Vie

Also new from Timeless Treasures is Hoodie‘s L’Amour de La Vie. The Parisian theme is a perennial favorite, and Hoodie has made it her own with folky, graphic, and colorful styling. As she writes on her website, “Black Ground is all year around!” In addition to the quilting cottons, at least one of these prints [...]

Timeless Treasures: Elephants on Parade

Elephants on Parade is a new in-house collection from Timeless Treasures. The bright colors and black backgrounds give it such a 60s-70s vibe, and I’m loving the village print. Elephants on roofs! Spotted at Hancock’s of Paducah. Related posts: Fall Quilt Market 2010 – Timeless Treasures – More (Mostly Kids’) Novelties Timeless Treasures: Petit Village [...]

Stationery Print by Rashida Coleman-Hale

Rashida Coleman-Hale has an upcoming collection with Timeless Treasures partly inspired by Japanese washi tape. For whatever reason, this design didn’t make the cut, but she’s offering it on sale at Spoonflower. I love the idea of designers of conventionally produced collections expanding their collections with digitally printed fabrics. The price is higher of course, [...]

Q&A: Sheer Fabrics

Hi! I am new to the fabric world and I was looking for some good tips on what is the best sheer or gauze fabric. I keep seeing the term voile used and organza. I want something that is really sheer and with a great color print. Any ideas where I can get this or [...]

New Release Tuesday: 6/28/11 Part II

New Release Tuesday is my periodic roundup of new fabric sightings (mostly quilting cottons). These fresh arrivals have started to arrive in fabric shops and are ready to buy. Retailers, as always, if you carry any of these collections, let us know in the comments. This week, there was so much to cover, I broke [...]