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Alice Melvin: Cut Out and Sew Glove Puppets

And speaking of cool uses of digital printing, here is a super cute kit concept from Alice Melvin. This is the only textile offering amongst her Charley Harper-inspired range of designs, and unfortunately it’s sold out right now, but keep checking back for a shop update. (via Cafe Cartolina) Related posts: Alice Apple Digital Fabric [...]

New From Bonjour Mon Coussin

We covered the French pillow company Bonjour Mon Coussin many moons ago, and they’ve added tons of new designs since then. Here are some of the latest offerings — Paris maps, Coney Island photos, vintage type, and more. Hooray for digital printing! Look, they even have a color-your-own pillow. Related posts: Digital Printing Inspiration: Bonjour [...]

Alice Apple

I stumbled on Alice Apple‘s designs while clicking around Spoonflower. These bold, graphic prints are inspired by Scandinavian children’s prints of the 1960s-70s. It looks like she will be using her custom digitally printed fabrics for her delightful range of homewares and toys that are for sale through her Etsy shop. No fabric yardage/metreage at [...]

HAND/EYE Magazine

HAND/EYE Magazine is “an independent, international publication which explores the nexus between design and development, culture and commerce, art and craft, and environment and ethics.” Its debut issue’s theme is Africa, and it contains many articles on African textiles. I’ve been trying to learn all I can about African fabrics for an upcoming series, so [...]

New Fabric by Sukie

I am a huge fan of the U.K. company Sukie‘s textiles and paper goods (I just received their new Iron-On Craft Pad today). So I was excited to hear that in just a couple weeks they will have fabric available for purchase for the first time. The three designs were screenprinted in England on a [...]

Tammis Keefe Birds

I’ll wrap up these two weeks of vintage bird prints with some bird textiles by my superhero Tammis Keefe. Here’s a previous post about her. See more Tammis Keefe birds here, and more Tammis Keefe in general at the Tammis Keefe Textiles Flickr group. Related posts: In Search of: Tammis Keefe Fall Quilt Market 2010 [...]

Know Your Linen

close-up of linen fibers Before I started my research, I didn’t know that linen is made from the flax plant. We’re talking the same flax that provides the seeds that provide all those good Omega-3 acids. Here is some etymological goodness from Wikipedia: The word linen is derived from the Latin for the flax plant, [...]