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Textile Stew: Eco-Friendly Edition

Fibers from the sometimes-invasive water hyacinth are being developed into sustainable fabric. The plant is sometimes invasive, but it just sounds lovely, doesn’t it? A new discovery for me, the Fiber Organics shop, also has a blog, and I’ll definitely be spending some time browsing the archives. These posts caught my eye: Zero-waste pattern layout [...]

Textile Stew: 6/25-6/26/09

Hi y’all, I just started a new Tumblr blog with the intention of compiling those posts periodically over here. I was using Twitter for reblogs but I get the feeling that Twitter has become more of a chatspace, not ideal for link-sharing. I’m currently trying to work out the Tumblr-feeding kinks (thanks Ask Metafilter) — [...]