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Q&A: Sheer Fabrics

Hi! I am new to the fabric world and I was looking for some good tips on what is the best sheer or gauze fabric. I keep seeing the term voile used and organza. I want something that is really sheer and with a great color print. Any ideas where I can get this or [...]

Daily Swatch: Pattern Types – Tessellations Continued – Houndstooth

Like I wrote last week, trying to figure out what does and doesn’t qualify as a tessellation kind of made my brain hurt. But I *think* houndstooth qualifies, and there are so many vintage houndstooth prints (mimicking the classic weave pattern) that I found I could extend our pattern types series another week. Above: Checkered [...]

Swimsuit Fabrics or: the Spandex Superpost

Well, it’s 105 degrees Fahrenheit here today. Texas is in for a long, hot summer. A morning spent at the shady neighborhood wading pool today got me thinking about sewing my own swimsuit. I probably won’t this year, but it’s fun to think about. Are there any good fabrics available? The answer is oh, yes. [...]