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Previews: Moda Summer-Fall Collections

I can’t wait till market to dive into the next season’s worth of fabric, can you? Well then let’s check out Moda, who has the next four month’s worth of collections viewable on their site now. ABC 123 by American Jane, out August 2012. And I’m not even done going crazy over School Days yet, are [...]

Fall Quilt Market 2011: More Moda

Moda has an in-house mini-collection called Made With Love (in fact that was the theme of the Moda boothscape this Market). It includes this great vintage sewing-themed print, a few ruler prints, and a few different types of cut-and-sew labels for your projects. See it all here in this .pdf. The fabrics are out in [...]

Spring Quilt Market 2010: Moda – Sweetwater

Family design teams are finding a home at Moda, it seems! I got to meet the ladies of Sweetwater for the first time this Market — their Colorado-based business has branches in scrapbooking, quilting patterns and supplies, gifts, stationery, custom fabric labels, and marketing- and design-for-hire. Yowza! And they blog all about it here. Text [...]

Spring Quilt Market 2009: Moda

This post is part of a series reporting on the Spring 2009 International Quilt Market by True Up East Coast Stringer Mary Beth of Supafine. Oh, Moda. If Quilt Market was a cafeteria, you’d be the cheerleaders’ table. Everyone wanted a piece of Moda — at the sample sale, their table was three people deep; [...]