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Swatch Book Tutorial by Daisy Janie

As more independent designers produce their own fabric with digital printing technology and old-fashioned hand printing, they’ll need a way to present collections to buyers. Daisy Janie makes her own fabric, and true DIY spirit, she’s made her own swatch book … and shared how she did it. Definitely one to bookmark! P.S. Here are [...]

The Dargate Book

Since we’re on the topic of antique swatchbooks, here’s another one: Reproduction Fabrics owner Margo Krager has one she calls the Dargate book: In 1997, we acquired a truly amazing, early nineteenth Century fabric sample book. It contains 167 pages and approximately 2140 vintage fabric samples, which are glued onto hand made rag paper with [...]

Antique Swatchbook Online

The Powerhouse Museum of Sydney, Australia, has a virtual swatchbook on their website. The patterns, from 1849, 1893-4, and 1923, are in the public domain in Australia. You can download high resolution versions of your favorite swatches. Here are some examples. via Retro Age Vintage Fabrics Related posts: Silk Series: A Vintage Silk Manual Online [...]