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Spring Quilt Market 2013: Yuwa and Kei

Distributed by the same company, Yuwa and Kei both have an unassuming presence at market. A small booth, no frills; just letting the fabrics speak for themselves. I think that is why a lot of the Amazing goes under the radar. Sleeper hits you might say. A playful cat and bird, ballerinas, captivating Liberty-esque florals [...]

Ayumills’ Shop

Ayumi Takahashi (Pink Penguin)’s Etsy shop is small but well-curated. Some fabric you’ve never seen before, some fabric you may have seen before but maybe not through Ayumi’s eyes. She favors hard-to-find vintage reproductions, vintage-inspired, and text fabrics from Suzuko Koseki, Kumiko Fujita, Atsuko Matsuyama, and more from Yuwa, Kei, Lecien, and other manufacturers. I’m [...]

Spring Quilt Market 2012: Yuwa

{ All photos by Ellen Luckett Baker of The Long Thread } As you know Yuwa is one of the essential stops at Quilt Market because it’s difficult to find out about their new releases outside of market. Ellen was as enamoured with the Cotorienne collection by Anyan as I am, and took pictures of [...]

Fabric Fives: Ayumi Mills

{ Ringo Pie Bee Block by Ayumi Mills } I’ve gotten such a great response to the Fabric Fives posts I’ve been doing with authors on blog tours, I thought I would expand it to include everyone whose sewing, quilting, or tastes in fabric I admire. Ayumi Mills of Pink Penguin was one of the [...]

Spring Quilt Market 2010 – Yuwa / Kei

Text fabrics seemed to be the theme at the Yuwa / Kei booth this season! Kelly of Superbuzzy tells me they apologized for the “mistakes” in the English but we all hope that will never change. Besides, when you incorporate text fabrics into your projects, it’s about the graphics, not the content, right? I promised [...]

Japanese Fabric of the Week: Repro Kitchen

Here are two rare out-of-print Japanese kitchen themed prints, found at Reprodepot. Notice the charming Jinglish in the Kitchen World fabric. I spaced on joining Sew, Mama, Sew!‘s big giveaway day this time around, but I’m enjoying seeing what’s out there. Ms. Pink Penguin is giving away some awesome Japanese and vintage fabric, including the [...]

Japanese Fabric of the Week: Suzuko Koseki

{ photo by Jan of Be*Mused } Jan of Be*Mused, who was one of my hookups for Keiko Goke information, also introduced me to the fabrics of Suzuko Koseki. You might know Suzuko from the Japanese-Craft-Book-That-Started-The-Whole-Japanese-Craft-Book-Craze Patchwork Style, but you might not know that she also designs fabrics for Yuwa. Her latest collection, introduced at [...]