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Pickering International

Pickering International is a San Francisco-based wholesale company specializing in textiles made from sustainable and organic fibers. They have all manner of fabric types made from organic cotton and linen, hemp, bamboo, soybean, silk, wool, and other fibers (yak!). And blends thereof. These are just some of the prints and woven or knit patterns, but [...]

Fall Quilt Market 2012: Betz White

{ Polar Babies Quilt and Polar Pal Appliqués } Betz White debuted her new pattern collection, Wildlife with Love ™, at Market. This collection offers techniques for everyone: quilting, appliqué and sewing! Betz was inspired by her son who is concerned with saving endangered animals — so much so that he donates his own money to the National [...]

Fall Quilt Market 2012: Rimmon Imported Fabrics

Quilt Market is perceptibly shifting to cater to sewists-at-large. We not only have an ever-expanding range of fashion and home decor fabrics, but a growing presence of jobbers. Jobbers purchase fabric directly from mills and supply fabric stores, designers, and small manufacturers. The thoroughly delightful Rimmon Brothers are jobbers who are also U.S. distributors for a [...]

Hand Printed Textiles by Sarah Waterhouse

I love that I can still plug something like “screenprinted fabric” into Etsy on a whim and find a new-to-me designer. The U.K.-based Sarah Waterhouse has been printing fabrics for her range of goods since 2007, but only recently started offering the fabric itself for sale on Etsy and the U.K.-based Folksy. She uses environmentally [...]


FLUF is a little two-person operation out of Toronto, Canada that produces its own sustainable fabrics. They started out in 2005 making pillows and eventually expanded to include other products. The fabrics are only sold wholesale (you can buy them online from lovely True Up sponsor Plum Project Studio) but they do offer their pillows, [...]

Blog Tour/Giveaway: Natalie Chanin on Sourcing Sustainably

{ photograph by Robert Rausch } Natalie Chanin is the chief designer and owner of Alabama Chanin, a fashion and lifestyle company focused on sustainable materials and practices. I’m very pleased to host her today as part of her blog tour to promote her new book, Alabama Studio Style: More Projects, Recipes, & Stories Celebrating [...]

Textile Stew: Eco-Friendly Edition

Fibers from the sometimes-invasive water hyacinth are being developed into sustainable fabric. The plant is sometimes invasive, but it just sounds lovely, doesn’t it? A new discovery for me, the Fiber Organics shop, also has a blog, and I’ll definitely be spending some time browsing the archives. These posts caught my eye: Zero-waste pattern layout [...]

Eco-Friendly Fabrics by Jenny Lee-Katz

Cariad Red Jenny Lee-Katz is a Pennsylvania-based textile designer who was born in Wales. She started out hand-screenprinting her designs but worried about disposal of the chemicals and dyes used in the process. So she turned to digital printing, which allows the use of eco-friendly pigment dyes and virtually eliminates waste. She currently has two [...]

11 Makers of Organic/Eco-Friendly Fabric

Happy Earth Day! In honor of the occasion, I’ve gathered several companies from all over the world that produce organic fabric yardage/metreage. I have lots of questions about sustainability vs. organics, the place of digital printing, the impact of the retail fabric industry in relation to the textile industry as a whole, and thoughts about [...]