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Textile Stew: 2/9/11

Helen Dardik + Retrosaria = quality ribbon by quality people! What’s Up With Cotton? A dozen or so statements from the major quilting manufacturers on the causes of the price increase of cotton, and what it means for you. (via Fabritopia‘s twitter) Here’s Whipstitch on the same topic. Marimekko is tripling their textile production capabilities, [...]

Fabric Display Idea: Chalkboard Hangers

This is the best idea. Stage your fabrics for projects-to-be by hanging them up with chalkboard-painted pants hangers. Jessica Wilson shows you how on the CRAFT blog. Related posts: Friday Quick Links Tweets Last Week Linky Tuesday on Wednesday How to Fold Fabric The Great Knit Fabric Experiment

Show Us Your Stash: Stashes on Shelves

Let’s call this … Part One Of What Will Most Likely Be Many, Many Parts. There are many ways to store fabric (and we’ll get to those another day) but for me, you can’t beat the Nicely Folded, Stacked On A Shelf method. Simple. Beautiful. Easy. Beautiful. Did I mention beautiful. Let’s nose around, shall [...]

Linky Tuesday on Wednesday

New Sales, Giveaways 30% off fabric, tape, and stamps at good-ness. Win 50 yards (!) of Art Gallery Fabrics — details on the Fabtalk blog. A Stitch in Dye is guest blogging and giving away bundles of her hand-dyed/patterned fabrics on Simply Robin. Whipstitch Fabrics is holding a giveaway on The Long Thread Fabric & [...]

Tweets Last Week

On the Bee Square Blog: Monday Giveaway – Japanese Charm Pack 2 On the Textile Blog: The 1970s and Textra Furnishing Fabrics On the Rickrack Rag: Feedsack Friday – Paisley Prints On the Revival Fabrics Blog: Vintage Feedsack History On the Sew, Mama, Sew! Blog: Stash Interview ~ Manda from Tree Fall On the Distintive [...]

How to Care For Vintage Fabric – 36 Tips

A vintage quilt square in need of some TLC The following was written by Nan Jaeger on the Revival Fabrics blog. She gave open permission to reprint the article, and it’s a topic that I’ve had brewing for a while, so I was happy someone did the work for me! Vintage fabric care is important. [...]

How to Fold Fabric

In this classic post, the Happy Zombie shows an extremely easy way to fold fabric for storage. Just fold selvedge to selvedge, then roll it around a narrow quilting ruler. It’s one of those things about which Brini Maxwell and say, “Why didn’t you think of that?” Her before/after pictures. I could only hope to [...]

Tower of Power

My recent IKEA trip yielded these wire drawers (“Antonious” if you’re curious) that I’m using to store my cottons. I have an armoire that I also use but it’s hard to take things out and put them back. It was also getting (ahem) overstuffed. Anyway this new unit goes from floor to almost ceiling, so [...]