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The Small Object’s Fabric Sources

Sarah of The Small Object posted about her favorite fabric sources. New to me: Linnet, a Japanese shop offering linens, cotton prints, gorgeous notions, and international shipping; also a couple Etsy shops including Sakura and Pomadour’s Craft Cafe. Related posts: Sources for Linen Online Japanese Fabric of the Week: Clover Cross Stitch Prints Meme: Your [...]

Tax Consolation

For the first time in either of our lives, we OWE taxes this year. $812 — oof! One or both of us messed up on withholding this year. I’m so stupid with this stuff. Fortunately next year we’ll have a big fat baby boy deduction, right? (And, unfortunately, far less income, in all likelihood.) In [...]


A baby quilt made from shirting in the book Last-Minute Fabric Gifts inspired this eBay purchase. I think some of this stuff has polyester content going on, but I like the patterns, especially the top-rightmost ones. Note: A version of this entry was originally posted on Dioramarama on February 21, 2007. See original entry for [...]

Superbuzzy Order

I was ready this time the moment they updated the shop. After that my first Superbuzzy order arrived lightning fast — thanks Mariko and Kelly! French Hankies Spanish Recipes As much as I have coveted Japanese fabric all along, I do believe this is the first time that I have actually owned some. Note: A [...]

Color Week: Brown

Mostly-brown fabrics from the stash. Color week by Little Birds and Port2Port. Note: A version of this entry was originally posted on Dioramarama on June 13, 2006. See original entry for any reader comments. Related posts: Tower of Power Wax Prints From Ghana Superbuzzy Order Shirting Tax Consolation


In my last post I worried about the possibility of my fabric getting eaten by moths. Rose commented, “do moths eat cotton?” I thought, hmm, do they? I just assumed, and you know what assuming does to u and me. So a simple google search later I have this answer courtesy the Ohio State University [...]

Tower of Power

My recent IKEA trip yielded these wire drawers (“Antonious” if you’re curious) that I’m using to store my cottons. I have an armoire that I also use but it’s hard to take things out and put them back. It was also getting (ahem) overstuffed. Anyway this new unit goes from floor to almost ceiling, so [...]

Wax Prints From Ghana

Batteries, originally uploaded by Extreme Craft. On Flickr: Very pop-artish wax print fabric from Ghana. Check out the whole photoset by member Extreme Craft, who also has an equally linkworthy set of scans from the 1973 oddity Rosey Grier’s Needlepoint for Men. Note: A version of this entry was originally posted on Dioramarama on June [...]