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Spring Quilt Market 2013: Art Gallery Fabrics – Pat Bravo and AGF Studio

Art Gallery Fabrics had a large presence at the Spring Quilt Market with an adorable and creative company-wide booth and individual booths for each of their designers. The individual booths gave each designer a chance to promote their collection in a unique way and was a wonderful opportunity to get to know each designer’s personality [...]

Anna Ka Bazaar Spring 2013

Anna Ka Bazaar has just launched its spring 2013 fabric collection, with lots of pink, rust, red, and teal. These easy, pretty prints are worth the shipping from France!   Related posts: Anna Ka Bazaar: New Fabrics New Prints from Anna Ka Bazaar New Fabrics at Anna Ka Bazaar Anna Ka Bazaar New Fabrics at [...]

Saffron Craig: Valley View

Valley View is Saffron Craig’s newest organic cotton collection for Fern Textiles in Australia. It is composed of eight prints in a bright spring/summer palette of pink, yellow, purple, and black, with elements of mod 1960s, cross stitch, and (as always!) the Australian landscape. There is a cheater print and a signature Saffron border print [...]

Jane Dixon: Annalee

  The very pretty Annalee is Jane Dixon‘s newest for Andover. And you can already get a peek at her next collection, Poppy Modern, on the Andover site. Photo from Fabricworm, who carries the whole collection in yardage and bundles. Related posts: Garden Party by Jane Dixon for Andover Fall Quilt Market 2011: Andover — [...]

Monaluna: Raaga

  Jennifer Moore of Monaluna drew on Indian style and motifs — elephants, lotus flowers, paisley, pomegranates — for her upcoming collection, Raaga. And of course, it’s 100% GOTS-certified organic. Related posts: Monaluna: Modern Home Fall Quilt Market 2011: Monaluna Fall Quilt Market 2012 – Monaluna Spring Quilt Market 2011: Monaluna Spring Quilt Market 2012: Monaluna

Timeless Treasures New Collections

{ Alice Kennedy – Matilda } Timeless Treasures has several new collections for Spring 2013. Matilda by Alice Kennedy has some beautiful focus prints and coordinates that I hope are expanded into full basics lines! Woodstock is another cute retro-foresty themed house collection.  Fabricworm, where I got the collection images from, noticed that Samarra Khaja‘s new Back [...]

Marimekko Spring 2013

{ Jokiuoma }   Marimekko Spring 2013 fabrics are available now through the Marimekko website, and will be coming soon I’m sure to AlwaysMod and Finnstyle. { Onnen Omenapuu } { Kortteli } { Astro } { Raanu (organic cotton) } { Vatruska } { Vatruska } { Kompotti }     { Roustikko } [...]

Cotorienne by Anyan for Yuwa

We got to see Anyan‘s Summer/Autumn 2012 Cotorienne collection for Yuwa (a website for Yuwa! Hooray!) at Fall Quilt Market, and now it’s starting to arrive in stores and I’m getting all jittery and hoardy feeling. The Spring 2013 collection is also online and available through his online shop, but maybe not till later this [...]

Creative Thursday: Locally Grown

I’m so charmed by Locally Grown by Creative Thursday for Andover. The two colorways are Neutral and the vintage-kitchen-inspired Kitsch. It started with family members’ search for the perfect chicken fabric, and grew from the inspiration of urban gardening and farmer’s markets.  It’s in stores now.     { photos courtesy of Creative Thursday - thanks [...]