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Numbers Silk

Now that I have bought some, I can share with you knowing that it won’t sell out before I made my move. Keli posted this picture of her “fabric petting zoo” (nice) at her shop Drygoods Design and my eyes went straight to the stripey border print. The silk crepe is from a dress designer [...]

Liberty Art Fabrics AW13

{ Manning digital print from the Seen group } The AW13 Liberty Art Fabrics collection is a unique interpretation of the five senses theme. Using the William Morris poem ‘The Earthly Paradise,”  as a taking off point, the collection is divided into six groups: Audio (a collaboration with actress Tamsin Greig), Fragrance (large florals, naturally), [...]

Mociun Fabrics

  Online shop Beklina has exclusive, limited stock fabric yardage from Brooklyn-based designer Caitlin Mociun. These silks and hand-printed fabrics would be worth the splurge — I’m not sure she is producing fashion collections any longer (jewelry seems to be the focus now) and her prints have been very influential in the contemporary surface design world.   Related [...]

Flocking Birds Silk at Britex

54″ navy silk with flying swallows, spotted at Britex. Related posts: Lela Rose Silk at Britex Fabrics Silk Series: Peace Silk Silk Series: A Vintage Silk Manual Online Silk Series: della Q. on Silk Taffeta (Meet the Sponsors) Silk Series: Working With Silk Taffeta

Denver Fabrics

Certainly one of the widest, if not THE widest selection of fashion fabrics online can be found at Denver Fabrics (and their alias Fashion Fabrics Club). Most are a great value, and even better if you pay attention to the Sale Alerts. I found these prints just from looking at the first couple THOUSAND selections [...]

Lela Rose Silk at Britex Fabrics

San Francisco fabric mecca Britex Fabrics has a small, well curated selection of their fashion fabrics for sale online, including wools, silks, cottons, and linens. This print by fashion designer Lela Rose is printed on lightweight China silk. Related posts: Flocking Birds Silk at Britex San Francisco Textile Tour: Britex Italian Digitally Printed Silks Silk [...]

Emma One Sock

Finding great fashion fabrics to sew with takes a certain eye, and the difficulty is compounded by the limitations of online shopping. Unlike quilting cottons, which have a certain level of reliability, you just have to see and feel fashion fabrics before making a commitment. Emma One Sock has always done a great job sourcing [...]

Silk Chiffon Petal Flutter

I fell in love with this fabric a long time ago after seeing it used as curtains in a local coffee shop. I thought it must have been homemade. Then I ran into it several years later at Satin Moon Fabrics in San Francisco (remember, Lisa?). And I just found it again online at New [...]

Silk Crepe de Chine Floral

at New York Fashion Center Fabrics Related posts: Lela Rose Silk at Britex Fabrics Silk Chiffon Petal Flutter Flocking Birds Silk at Britex Silk Series: Charmeuse Silk Series: della Q. on Silk Taffeta (Meet the Sponsors)