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Show Us Your Stash: Stashes on Shelves

Let’s call this … Part One Of What Will Most Likely Be Many, Many Parts. There are many ways to store fabric (and we’ll get to those another day) but for me, you can’t beat the Nicely Folded, Stacked On A Shelf method. Simple. Beautiful. Easy. Beautiful. Did I mention beautiful. Let’s nose around, shall [...]

Show Us Your Stash: BCharmer

Here’s a selection of fabrics from the “studio hovel” of Colleen MacDonald, sewer, crafter and owner of BCharmer Designs. (If this is a hovel, then my sewing room is … whatever’s messier than a hovel.) How I love that Pacific Northwest light. She had a few words to share with us on her obsession: My [...]

Show Us Your Stash: JCasa Handmade

What’s that I spy? Let’s take a closer look. OH MY LANDS IT’S A FABRIC STASH. The lovely and talented Jennifer Casa of JCasa Handmade gives us a quick tour of her stash. Look+ at those colors! I want to just take a bite of those reds and oranges! That’s … weird, isn’t it. I [...]

Show Us Your Stash: Feels Like Fall

Bring on the falling leaves and the pumpkins and the cocoa. A great stack of autumn colors from Ashley of Filminthefridge on Flickr. She writes on her blog about the fall quilt it’s becoming — boy, what a perfect combination. A nice pair of vintage prints in autumn colors from Kimmymade on Flickr. Her thoughts [...]

Show Us Your Stash: Vintage Edition

Stash time! Hold on to your hats: It’s the vintage edition. This photo is from Susie at Flower Press: This photo shows part of my fabric collection and all the different types of fabric I have in it, from hand printed pieces by myself and other indie designers through vintage pieces such as bark cloth [...]

Show Us Your Stash: Skinny LaMinx

Heather Moore, aka Skinny LaMinx, gave a peek at her vintage fabric stash beautifully stored in two glass-fronted cabinets. Oh, the beauty, concentrated all in one place. I love storage that puts the fabric on display. Here are a few words from Heather: I’m so pleased to have my stash in plain view at last, [...]

Show Us Your Stash: Needle Book’s Craft Studio

Take a gander at the light-filled, enviable studio of Claire Louise Milne, of needle book blog. Love that old Bernina, and especially love that fabric cabinet arranged chromologically. For more by Claire, see her blog or her etsy shop. Thanks, Claire! Be part of the ongoing Show Us Your Stash series! Drop your pics in [...]

Show Us Your Stash: Mine! (Thanks to Sew Mama Sew)

Sew Mama Sew‘s blog is focusing on fat quarter projects all month. They also posted a little “stash interview” meme and started an accompanying Stash & Storage Flickr group — you can play along and answer these questions about your own fabric stash. I’m having fun reading others’ interviews. Here are my responses! What do [...]

Holiday Fabric Roundup and Show Us Your Stash Collide!

This dreamy Christmas color story is from Brooke, whose new blog Inchmark should be on your must-read list. When I asked for permission to post she not only said yes but offered to ID the fabrics for us! So this is a value-added post. All fabrics are from Purl Patchwork; not all are currently available. [...]