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Sponsor Giveaway: Mwendas

Mwendas is a shop based in Singapore that sells authentic Japanese fabric from Yuwa, Lecien, and other manufacturers — amongst owner Fridah’s inventory you’ll find difficult-to-find designers Suzuko Koseki, Fumika Oishi, Keiko Goke, and Kumiko Fujita, and characters like Miffy. I’ve included some of my own favorites here. She recently became a True Up sponsor [...]

Help Japan by Buying Japanese Fabric

If you’ve had your eye on any Japanese fabrics, now would be a great time to make a purchase … Matatabi has re-opened after relocating to Western Japan and is donating 15% of sales to Japan Red Cross through the end of April. She has the Nani Iro 10th Anniversary Collection (that’s the Fuccra Rakuen [...]

Gombar’s Fabrics

I’ve never been there, save passing through on a train ride from D.C. to New York, but I have a thing for Pennsylvania. If I had to take off and move somewhere, site unseen, it’d be there. I don’t know. I think it springs from my love of The Office and Penn Dutch … but [...]

True Up Follow Up!

{ Some nicely ripped fabric from my stash. } My post from a few weeks back Do You True Up? garnered lots of great feedback (both in the comments and via email), and I learned a thing or two, so I wanted to post a follow-up. One big surprise for me was that it sounds [...]

Do You True Up?

This blog will turn three years old in just a couple months, and I haven’t yet written a post about the sewing term after which this site is named — trueing up. For shame! Well, let’s make up for lost time. “True up” means means to make balanced, straight, square. In sewing, it means to [...]

Textile Stew: 9/30/10

Jessica’s roundup of people that have copied her Amusement Park fabrics made me kind of ill. I’m jealous of Blempgorf’s latest vintage fabric score. Makes me wish I could make it to Antique Weekend in Round Top, TX this week, but I’ll have to wait till the spring show. This quilt is just extraordinary, and [...]

Textile Stew: 9/8/10

Central Texans! Here’s something to look forward to after being soaked by Hermine. The Austin Area Quilt Guild Show is September 17-19. It has moved to the Palmer Events Center so you know it’s going to be the biggest and best one ever. And Malka is one of the vendors! If you’d like a pair [...]

Happy Labor Day Weekend!

We have a long holiday weekend here in the U.S. and Canada, so I’m signing off till Tuesday. Enjoy the many sales and have a restful three days! What are your plans? I leave you with these irresistible graph paper fabrics (plain linen/cotton, laminated) from Nothing Elegant on Etsy. (via the Crafts Dept.) Related posts: [...]

U.K.-Based Fabric Shops

Well, it’s just turning out to be a British-centric week, isn’t it? Katy of I’m a Ginger Monkey is posting a series on U.K. fabric shops that offer modern, contemporary designer fabrics. Lots of new-to-me shops that will hopefully provide a boost the international sale alerts. The list so far: Backstitch Patch Fabrics The Fabric [...]