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Fall Quilt Market 2012: Robert Kaufman – Fashion Fabrics

Robert Kaufman has been a major producer of fashion fabrics for designer/manufacturers all along. But they also supply them to retail stores — here’s what to look forward to this season. All these will be available starting in January 2013. First up, the fine-wale Cool Cords, featuring some great retro prints and coordinating solids. The [...]

Daily Swatch: Seersucker

Sea-rsucker. From my own collection. Puns are the lowest form of humor. Related posts: Daily Swatch: Seersucker Daily Swatch: Seersucker Daily Swatch: Seersucker Daily Swatch: Ships and Sea Week Daily Swatch: Terry Cloth

Daily Swatch: Seersucker

Two for the price of one today, since I missed yesterday!

Daily Swatch: Seersucker

Floral seersucker, c.1930s, from themarkmakers on Flickr. This is the Flickr stream of A +/- Piece of Cloth, who sells vintage fabric at markets around Australia — see the blog for the schedule. Related posts: Daily Swatch: Seersucker The Daily Swatch: Two Weeks of Green Daily Swatch: Vintage Sheets Daily Swatch 5/9/2008 Daily Swatch: Seersucker

Daily Swatch: Seersucker

The Daily Swatch features a piece of vintage fabric (almost) every day. Themes change periodically. Please add your own examples of the theme to the True Up and/or Vintage Fabric Flickr pools. Seersucker gets its characteristic puckered texture from a special weaving process. Some warp yarns are put on the loom with regular tension, while [...]

Spring Quilt Market 2010: Kokka

Seven Islands is the U.S. distributor for several Japanese brands, including Kokka, Kiyohara, and Sun Felt. Kokka’s biggest release this season is Heather Ross’ Far Far Away II, which will get its own post. Here are shots of the other Kokka collections. One of my favorite prints of the entire Market was the Trefle carnival [...]

Daily Swatch 5/1/08

Lions and Zebras on Seersucker, at I love the little touch of asterisks on the bars — so 1950s. Related posts: Daily Swatch: Rayon Daily Swatch: Cross Stitch/Pixel Daily Swatch: Pennsylvania Dutch Daily Swatch: Fruit Week Daily Swatch: Pennsylvania Dutch Week