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Silk Series: Charmeuse

Emerald silk charmeuse from silkfabrics on Etsy Silk charmeuse is a light-to-medium weight woven fabric with a satin weave. Its front is lustrous, the back is dull. Silk charmeuse, which (I’m fairly sure) is interchangable with “silk satin,” is the ultimate in drapey fabrics, delicate and luxurious, and suitable for flowy gowns, lingerie, scarves, and [...]

Know Your Weaves

image from Wikimedia Commons I’m going to be talking about different types of cotton in upcoming posts, and I’ll be posting the much-anticipated tutorial on trueing up your fabric. But first, we have to get a good grounding in basic weaving terms. Ready? There will be a quiz later. Kidding. Unless you want a quiz. [...]