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Timeless Treasures New Collections

{ Alice Kennedy – Matilda } Timeless Treasures has several new collections for Spring 2013. Matilda by Alice Kennedy has some beautiful focus prints and coordinates that I hope are expanded into full basics lines! Woodstock is another cute retro-foresty themed house collection.  Fabricworm, where I got the collection images from, noticed that Samarra Khaja‘s new Back [...]

Fall Quilt Market 2012: Timeless Treasures

{ Food Trucks } Here’s what’s coming from Timeless Treasures this season. They win for being the first on the food truck phenomenon with this very cute, hand-rendered print. Also look for strong, cool and graphic black and white prints from Samarra Khaja and Alice Kennedy; sweet dessert-themed collections from Samarra, TT’s in-house studio, and apron maven Jessie Steele; expanded basics, [...]

Spring Quilt Market 2012: Timeless Treasures – Novelties

Timeless Treasures‘ 2012 in-house and designer novelty collections feature vikings on organic cotton (earth friendly plunderers!), a bowling  by Samarra Khaja, a fruit and jams print that speaks to my inner sticker-collecting 80s child, beautiful black-and-ivory prints to add to their continuously growing library, and mini ice cream and animal prints. I hope these last [...]

Fall Quilt Market 2011: Timeless Treasures – More Designers

We wrap up Timeless Treasures’ offerings from Fall Quilt Market 2011 with four more designers. Bavaria by Karen Snyder is a 30s-40s Euro-folk reproduction line.   How Tweet It Is by Linda Solovic:   Sweet on NYC by Sugar Pixie (which is newly out in stores):   Samarra Khaja, who got “discovered” on Spoonflower, has [...]

Digital Fabric of the Week: Samarra Khaja

A propos of the Daily Swatch theme this week, here are some lovely prints by NYC-based designer Samarra Khaja (sammyk) in the Spoonflower marketplace. Samarra’s Just A Splash print happens to be the winner of the most recent fabric of the week contest. Love Fiesta (above) is based on the Mexican art of papel picado [...]