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2009 in Review

Hey! Happy New Year! Thank you SO much for reading and commenting and sponsoring and just being part of this whole crazy ride. Running this site has been a complete blast and I’m so thankful that I get to do it. And special thanks to Mary Beth, who came to my rescue to cover the [...]

Vintage Fabric Source Roundup: Part III – eBay and Ruby Lane

A joint Mary Beth and Kim production. See part 1 of the vintage fabric source roundup (standalone web shops and brick & mortars) here, and part II (Etsy) here. Aah eBay, enabler of thousands of vintage fabric addicts. There is an overwhelming number of listings there at any given time, to be sure, but you [...]

Vintage Fabric Source Roundup: Part I

By Mary Beth of Supafine Sometimes you just don’t have the time to perch in the linens department at Goodwill, waiting for the latest stock of old sheets to be hung up. Or sometimes you might wonder, What else is out there? Surely there’s more than what this particular estate sale has to offer. Or [...]