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April Johnston Fashion Fabrics at Joann’s

I hadn’t been to Joann Fabrics for a long, long time, but I stopped by this weekend to see what DS Quilts fabrics they might still have. Not much, it turns out, but I did discover the April Johnston fashion fabric collection, which has been out since last fall so I’ve really been under a [...]

Project Runway Digital Fabric Printing Episode Wrapup

Warning: Spoilers ahoy! So, what did you think of digital printing’s debut on Project Runway? For me it was new and exciting to see the designers create fabric prints to support their points of view, but otherwise digital printing was seriously underutilized. The biggest disappointment was that the episode made textile printing sound out of [...]

Reminder: Digital Fabric Printing on PR Tonight!

Really, really looking forward to tonight’s episode, and anticipating what will happen when millions of people are introduced to digital textile printing for the first time. (If you’re a feed subscriber and not seeing the video, come see it here or watch it on the Lifetime website.) Related posts: Project Runway Digital Fabric Printing Episode [...]

Digital Fabric of the Week

Crying Lightning by totallysevere, sold via the Spoonflower Marketplace. The Totally Severe website also offers a ton of crazy, free patterns for your computer desktop or phone. In other digital fabric news, did you see that Project Runway is having a digital printing challenge next week? At least, that’s what it looked like to me. [...]

On Project Runway, “Home-Sewn” Is an Insult. Discuss.

Here’s something to chew on through the weekend. If you watched last night’s Project Runway, you probably caught Heidi lobbing something along the lines of “it’s home-sewn mess” to Ra’Mon about his design (above). And in last week’s newspaper challenge, the phrase “arts & crafts” was thrown around with disdain. This has been a running [...]

Project Runway Premiere + Jay McCarroll on Quilting Arts

Did you watch last night’s premiere of Project Runway Season 6? What did you think? Did you have any fabric- or sewing-related epiphanies? Did you feel fancy that you knew what smocking was when Christopher didn’t? Speaking of Project Runway, here‘s Season 1 winner Jay McCarroll’s appearance on Series 400 of Quilting Arts TV with [...]

Jay McCarroll: Woodland Wonderland and Garden Friends

The FreeSpirit website is now showing Jay McCarroll‘s two debut collections, Woodland Wonderland and Garden Friends. My first impression — weird! In a good way. The deer and bunnies are very 70s and both collections have a kind of cute/psychedelic vibe. I love the Martha Negley-esque tree rings especially. It’s just not at all what [...]

FreeSpirit Fabrics Quilt Market Preview

The FreeSpirit fabrics blog has posted a preview of collections from their new designers debuting at Quilt Market this month. I knew about Melissa Averinos‘ Sugar Snap (previous post), but I didn’t know Project Runway Season 1 winner Jay McCarroll was also debuting his first quilting cotton collection. He paid homage to quilting and handknitting [...]