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Presidents on Fabric

This Obama inaugural bandana is available from Etsy seller handoverfist in five colors. It is screenprinted by hand in Brooklyn, New York. (via Design*Sponge) And of course don’t forget the Obama commemorative cloth from Shine Shine in South Africa and this one spotted in Tanzania. Related posts: Obama Fabric Design by Heather Moore Obama Commemorative [...]

Presidents on Fabric

Vintage 1960s Presidents Fabric, 1 1/3 yards by 43″ wide. “It is red white & blue with pictures of JFK, Nixon, LBJ, Roosevelt, Garfield, Grant Colfax & more. Has sayings like ” I Like Ike”, “Back Mac”, “Tippecanoe”, & more.” For auction on eBay, current bid $9.99, ends Feb-17-09 17:56:26 PST. Related posts: Presidents on [...]

Another Inaugural Cloth

hongera, originally uploaded by Pernille in Africa. Oh, how I’d love to get my hands on some of this! Who can hook me up? via A Ervilha Cor de Rosa Related posts: Retrosaria Wax Prints From Ghana Obama Commemorative Fabric Presidents on Fabric IQF 2006 Report

Obama Commemorative Fabric

Here’s some icing on the cake for this momentous day: Heather Moore [Skinny La Minx]‘s Obama Commemmorative Cloth from a while back has been produced! It’s designed by Heidi Chisholm, and produced by Cape Town company Shine-shine (no website). Orders can be placed with Tracy Rushmere at (I’ll post the specs and cost here [...]

Daily Swatch: Election Week

Now I can post elephant fabric without worrying about jinxing the election (because, you know, a fabric blog does yield that kind of power). There are so many good vintage elephant prints out there — I’m going to have to make a week of it. This one is called “oodles of elephants,” from Kultur* on [...]

Obama Fabric Design by Heather Moore

Heather Moore of Skinny LaMinx Photoshopped U.S. president-elect Barack Obama into this African commemorative cloth design. Wouldn’t it be great if something like this actually showed up on the market? Of course there’s always digital printing, but I’d rather have the genuine article. Link to Heather’s post. Related posts: Obama Commemorative Fabric HAND/EYE Magazine Textile [...]

Daily Swatch: Election Week

Overtly political fabric is rare, but I’ll try to find all the examples I can this week! And the rest will be filled out with donkeys and elephants. Unfortunately for my own political persuasions, donkeys aren’t as popular a motif as elephants (maybe I can fudge it with ponies and horses), but I think we [...]