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Fall Quilt Market 2011: Art Gallery Fabrics

Here’s what’s next from Art Gallery Fabrics: Poetica¬†(above), in stores February 2012. Pat Bravo has been brining some rougher, more natural looking lines to her motifs, which I love. Summerlove has a warm-season palette befitting its name, and with lots of Tangerine, which happens to be the Pantone color of the year. It’ll be out [...]

Textile Stew: 2/9/11

Helen Dardik + Retrosaria = quality ribbon by quality people! What’s Up With Cotton? A dozen or so statements from the major quilting manufacturers on the causes of the price increase of cotton, and what it means for you. (via Fabritopia‘s twitter) Here’s Whipstitch on the same topic. Marimekko is tripling their textile production capabilities, [...]

Pantone Colors and Fabric Shopping

Have you ever bought fabric online, only to be disappointed by its actual color when it showed up on your doorstep? Representing fabric color accurately online is notoriously difficult due to a number of factors, including monitor calibration. But even if you calibrate perfectly, you still have to trust that the fabric was scanned in/photographed [...]