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Seamless Studio

COLOURLovers is a site dedicated to creating and sharing colors, palettes, and patterns. The functionality is terrific and it just got better today with the release of their version 4. Amongst their new offerings is Seamless Studio, a tool for creating seamless patterns online. Now this isn’t a fully featured pattern generator; you’re limited to [...]

Search for Apparel Fabric With

On my Twinkle Sews review, Vanessa commented that it is hard to find the fabrics used in the book. Well, Vanessa, you’re in luck — I just found out about, an alliance of dozens of apparel shops scattered all over the U.S. and Canada. You just submit your query (I need 4 yards of [...]

My Big Digital Fabric Printing Experiment

Earlier this year Fabric on Demand joined the pioneering Spoonflower in offering affordable digital fabric printing over the internet to the everyday crafter. Soon after, two more services popped up, Karma Kraft and Eye Candey. (Full disclosure: the latter two are also True Up sponsors.) I had a single design printed by all four services [...]

Help Beta Test Project 95′s Independent Fabric Shop Database

Project 95 is a worldwide network of independent quilt and fabric shops, e-tailers and design studios who have joined forces to promote shopping independents.” The number refers to the 95 percent of sewists who make most or all of their purchases at chain stores. And we all know these stores cannot even begin to approach [...]

The Fabric List

It’s easy enough to Google “Amy Butler fabric” and such to find retailers of popular quilting cottons on the internet, but what if you’re looking for Battenburg lace? Ecclesiastical brocade? Pool table felt? Holly recently wrote in to let me know about her bare-bones but awesome site The Fabric List. It’s a database of online [...]

More Cloth

Catherine has been writing some software to classify fabrics by color. She built to pick out color-related groups of fabric on Etsy. Very cool! Related posts: My Fabric on COLOURlovers My Blues on COLOURlovers Help Beta Test Project 95′s Independent Fabric Shop Database The Fabric List

My Blues on COLOURlovers

My blue vintage fabrics are featured on COLOURlovers. See the previous entries in the series too: Red, yellow, brown and purple. Related posts: My Purple and Brown Vintage Fabrics on COLOURlovers My Yellows on COLOURlovers My Fabric on COLOURlovers Seamless Studio Daily Swatch: Vintage Sheets

My Fabric on COLOURlovers

My vintage red fabric collection got the COLOURlovers treatment — thanks evad! I knew about this site previously, and thought they just pulled palettes out of inspiring images, but the inspiration and usefulness doesn’t end there. First, you can click on the palette, rank it, favorite it if you’re a member, download the palette image [...]

Help Create a Worldwide Map of Local Fabric Stores

View Larger Map I was planning to start something like this, but Genevieve of The Golden Yard beat me to it! She started a collaborative Google map listing fabric stores, and anyone with a Google account can make additions to it. Just go here. I added a bunch of independent stores in Austin. It was [...]