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Fall Quilt Market 2011: FreeSpirit/Westminster – Jenean Morrison

Jenean Morrison had an insanely creative booth. So I would have given her the Creativity Award if Quilt Market hadn’t beaten me to it. It made me think “Is there anything fabric can’t do?” Also, I’ve compared fabric to music before (collections = albums, etc.) so it’s just so helpful when designers actually name their [...]

Textile Stew: 7/15/10

A textile designer makes the front page of Google! Josef Frank, architect and father of modern Scandinavian design, would have been 125 years old today. New Vintage Lady is showing the fashion and textiles pages from vintage department store catalogs every Sunday. (via Retro Age Vintage Fabrics) Deborah of Whipstitch has an amazing post on [...]

Two No-Sew Scrappy Christmas Projects

Nanette from Rummage made this simple, beautiful fabric wreath by tying fabric scraps around a base (wire maybe?). What a fun way to experiment with color and pattern combinations — no futzing with a seam ripper if you don’t like the results! I love the clothespin family she added too. And Brooke of Inchmark Journal [...]

Furoshiki Fabric Folding

Furoshiki from This article in CRAFT calls Furoshiki “wrap that’s as good as the gift.” That pretty much says it all! Furoshiki is the Japanese tradition of wrapping things in fabric (a little history here). You can buy some pretty neat cloths made specifically for this purpose here, but of course you can always [...]

Three No-Sew Fabric Projects

I said in my intro post that I wouldn’t be focusing on crafting/sewing projects unless it helps us think about fabric in a new way. The following definitely qualified — I find that “no-sew” tends to mean “use glue or staples as a shoddy substitute for sewing” but these are truly no-need-for-sewing projects. Nousnous offers [...]