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City Collection From The City Quilter

The City Quilter has expanded their exclusive collection of New York-themed fabrics. Subway Dots is the newest print, available in black- and white-ground quilting cottons and a laminated cotton. Suzy’s New York, by Suzy Pilgrim, came out last year and is also in laminated and regular versions. The details in this one are really great! [...]

Spring Quilt Market 2011: Yara African Fabrics

Yara‘s traditional¬†African fabrics really stood out from the crowd at Quilt Market. Although not traditional quilting fabric, many of these 100% cotton fabrics could be used to make really interesting and different quilts. Yara has a website, but all orders must be placed over the phone. Luckily, the owners are super friendly and will be [...]

The Other Daily Swatch

Damn, I’ve been out-Daily Swatched! Mood Fabrics in New York City has a store dog (a Boston Terrier) named Swatch, and they dress him up and post a picture of him every day on their blog. How can I compete with that cuteness? (via Tom & Lorenzo on Facebook) Related posts: Fall Quilt Market 2009: [...]

Fall Quilt Market 2009: New York Fabric

At last year’s Fabric 2.0 party I met Jeremy, April, and Kristy from NYC shop The City Quilter. They must have said nice things about me because City Quilter owner Dale Riehl sought me out this year to meet me. I learned about their exclusive collection of New York-themed fabrics. Sewers and quilters have to [...]


The New York Times recently profiled Antiktex, a document swatch house that provides antique and vintage fabric samples from the 17th century to the 1960s to today’s designers. The family run business buys up stock from dying textile mills worldwide. The VP of the company, Alexandre Heget, leaves us with an interesting point to ponder: [...]

Friday Scraps

The worldwide map of local fabric shops is growing. Is your town represented? Sewist and fabric archivist Manda of Tree Fall is editor for the new UK magazine Sew Hip. Congratulations Manda! Nice interview with Heather aka Skinny Laminx, maker of some of the best hand-screenprinted textiles on the planet. Anh-Minh got lovingly packaged fabric [...]