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Designtex: Alistair, and How to Buy To-the-Trade Fabrics

This week’s Home Dec Fabric of the Week selection comes once again thanks to Modern Fabrics‘ weekly newsletter. It’s Designtex’s Alistair, an “extreme performance” fabric that comes in 12 colorways. (Modern Fabrics has Strawberry, top left, for only $18/yard, and I encourage you to follow the link to get the full effect of the beautiful [...]

Modern Fabrics: New Arrivals

I’ve received quite a few emails asking where to find cool upholstery fabric. The first place I always send people is Modern Fabrics. I’ve posted about them before but their recent newsletter containing an impressive array of new arrivals has prompted me to post again. Owners James and Ewa reclaim fabrics from the high-end modern [...]

Modern Fabrics

Through the April 2008 online edition of Readymade Magazine, I learned of Modern Fabrics, a North Carolina business run by couple James and Ewa Powell that rescues landfill-bound remnant fabric from furniture manufacturers and sells them at deep discounts. From their About page: We focus our selections around designer textile companies including Maharam, Pollack, Sina [...]