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Spring Quilt Market 2012: Michael Miller In-House Collections

Michael Miller came on strong with its bright and cheery presence at Quilt Market. Not only did they showcase some fantastic new licensed collections, but they also debuted some exceptionally fun in-house collections which focus on the color stories they have been providing for the past few years as well as continuing to be a [...]

Fall Quilt Market 2011: Michael Miller – Misc.

Michael Miller not only have a new Birthday-themed collection, they also have a wedding collection! If memory serves, Michael Miller once did some retro wedding prints — this time around it’s more text-y and contemporary. You’ll see some other underrepresented holidays brought to fabric from other companies this market, too. If there’s a greeting card [...]

Fall Quilt Market 2010 – Michael Miller – Clubhouse and More

Another big cool new thing Michael Miller is launching is the Michael Miller Clubhouse. They teamed up with Swirly Girls Design to create a modern version of the hugely popular block of the month-type clubs (that I always hear about but have to admit I didn’t really understand, till now!) This version is one that [...]

Spring Quilt Market 2010: Michael Miller Studio

Michael Miller‘s booth was a white, shiny, glowy oasis in the middle of the color cacophony of Quilt Market. That’s because they were rolling out their biggest new collection, Antiquity, which Kathy Miller described as a celebration of “white, romance, with a bit of bling and glitter.” Now, Antiquity is a little frufru for my [...]