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Taking a Poll …

I’d love to know your thoughts on this. I love all the modern (and especially hand-printed) tea towels, cushions, and other home textiles out there but have always waffled about featuring them here. What do you think? Are these products just fabric with hems, or would I be diluting my “all fabric, all the time” [...]

True Up is 3! (Presents for You!)

Three years ago today, I published my first post on True Up. The site has grown by leaps and bounds since then, the fabric industry has changed dramatically, and amazingly I haven’t run out of topics yet — not by a longshot! It is definitely a challenge to post daily M-F (and to hold myself [...]

I’m Celebrating the Boy

Oops, I’m a day late for the month-long Celebrate the Boy fest hostessed by Rae and Dana. But, of course, if you have a boy, celebrating them is a 24-7 thing. I’m destined for a lifetime of all-boy, all the time celebration — that is boy #2 waving at you up there! I’m 23 weeks [...]

10 Days Till Christmas!?

Oh boy, friends. I am SO out of it and overwhelmed — lately my life has been eaten by a bighugesecret project, on top of Quilt Market coverage. (My last official Fall Quilt Market post was on Friday, though I still have a few amazing, just less time-sensitive, things to share, and booty to give [...]


Stomach virus. I’ll try to catch up with the quilt market coverage and sale alert posts this weekend. Related posts: Just a Note … Thanks! *Sniff* See You Next Week! 10 Days Till Christmas!? Admin Notes

Admin Notes

Hi all! 1. I’ve been on away on vacation for the last few days, and thought I’d be able to do the Sale Alerts, but no dice, so I’ll be posting them this week on Sunday instead. Shops, feel free to send them in through Sunday morning. 2. Mysteriously, the comments on the Dream On [...]

Happy Labor Day Weekend!

We have a long holiday weekend here in the U.S. and Canada, so I’m signing off till Tuesday. Enjoy the many sales and have a restful three days! What are your plans? I leave you with these irresistible graph paper fabrics (plain linen/cotton, laminated) from Nothing Elegant on Etsy. (via the Crafts Dept.) Related posts: [...]


New Release Tuesday will be on Wednesday this week because I spent most of my day yesterday battling HACKERS! True Up was hit by the so-called WordPress Pharma Hack. I happened to ego-surf on Google and was horrified to see that instead of True Up the link to my site was replaced with online pharmacy [...]

Technical Difficulties

Hi all — images got stripped from the feed somehow today as I was experimenting with a new social bookmarking link plugin. The images should be restored now. Don’t worry, the change was neither intentional nor permanent! Also, I heard from a reader that if you click over from the feed to comment, you see [...]