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Westminster Fabrics Adopting Minimum Advertised Pricing Policy

Retail shop owners recently received a letter from Westminster Fabrics informing them of a new policy that will take effect February 1, 2009. This policy forbids shops from advertising prices for Westminster and Freespirit brand fabrics below the Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price (MSRP), which is 2x the wholesale price. They cannot advertise prices lower than [...]

Love Erin Michael’s Lush? Get Yours Now!

Erin Michael’s much anticipated (by me, anyway!) collection, Lush, is finally arriving in stores. Word on the street is that the line did not sell well to retailers, so many prints were cut and less-than-usual amounts were printed. So consider this fabric extremely limited edition. Here’s a list of shops that have it today: Pink [...]

The Truth About Thread Count

In a quality product, the incremental comfort value of increasing thread count over 300 is very little. A 300 thread count can feel far superior to a 1000 thread count. Thread count has become a simple metric used by marketing people to capture interest and impress with high numbers. The Truth About Thread Count, via [...]