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Cartoon Map Prints by anastasiia-ku

{ Cartoon Map of Paris } City-themed prints and illustrations are always a great choice because they speak so strongly to people’s local pride. Even non-locals who have visited, or just want to visit, are drawn to them. Anastasiia Kucherenko (anastasiia-ku) has combined some of the world’s biggest and most alluring cities with her cute [...]

Daily Swatch: Roy G. Biv with Guest Curator Jenny (Blempgorf)

Today it’s Y for Yellow … Jenny writes: A map print – I only have a set of small rectangles of this print, found in a $2 bag of scraps at an antique mall. I love the whale. I saw a yard of this fabric at a quilt show for $75 – sparking a new [...]

Help Create a Worldwide Map of Local Fabric Stores

View Larger Map I was planning to start something like this, but Genevieve of The Golden Yard beat me to it! She started a collaborative Google map listing fabric stores, and anyone with a Google account can make additions to it. Just go here. I added a bunch of independent stores in Austin. It was [...]