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Sewing With Linen

Linen Stack by Yorktown Road on Flickr It’s linen week! See part 1, Know Your Linen, and part 2, Sources for Linen. Images in this post are by Yorktown Road and Six and a Half Stitches. From Six and a Half Stitches, on Flickr Buying: Unless you have bought pre-softened/pre-shrunk fabric, count on 1/8 yard [...]

Sources for Linen Online

This is the second in a series of posts on linen. Part one, Know Your Linen, was on Monday, sewing with linen will be posted on Friday. All-linen or mostly-linen: Grayline Linen: The linen mothership in New York City’s fabric district also sells online. They have handkerchief weight, “Warsa” (medium), and “Judy” (medium-heavy) in a [...]

Know Your Linen

close-up of linen fibers Before I started my research, I didn’t know that linen is made from the flax plant. We’re talking the same flax that provides the seeds that provide all those good Omega-3 acids. Here is some etymological goodness from Wikipedia: The word linen is derived from the Latin for the flax plant, [...]