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Helen Dardik: Toomuchery

Woohoo! The previews are starting to come out in force in advance of Spring Quilt Market. Here’s a sneak peek at Helen Dardik‘s second collection for P&B, Toomuchery. I’m going nuts over here, this is so perfect. A panel print! Butterflies! Crazy Helen florals unleashed! Color color color! And it comes out on merely a [...]

Jenn Ski: Aldo to Zippy for P&B Textiles

I have been following Jenn Ski‘s work and blog for a long time now and knew it was only a matter of time before her designs were brought to cloth! Jenn is one of the three Lilla Rogers Studio designers that P&B Textiles recently licensed to create fabric lines. (Caroline Gavin’s Wild Thyme is already [...]

Caroline Gavin: Wild Thyme

P&B Textiles has contracted with the amazing Lilla Rogers Studio to put some of their artists onto fabric. The first release will be Caroline Gavin‘s Wild Thyme, due in stores this October. My favorite from this collection is the pink version of the focus print, shown in closer detail below. Keep your eye on P&B [...]