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Fall Quilt Market 2011: Robert Kaufman – Dr. Seuss

The Dr. Seuss licensed collections have been very successful for Robert Kaufman, so they are continuing to expand the selection. Celebrate Seuss! Is an Seuss all-star collection. I’ve been anticipating the appearance of my favorite Seuss book, One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish, and here it is! Celebrate Seuss! and The Cat in [...]

Fall Quilt Market 2011: More Moda

Moda has an in-house mini-collection called Made With Love (in fact that was the theme of the Moda boothscape this Market). It includes this great vintage sewing-themed print, a few ruler prints, and a few different types of cut-and-sew labels for your projects. See it all here in this .pdf. The fabrics are out in [...]

Preview: Summersville by Lu Summers for … MODA!

You all know I’m a big fan of Lu Summers‘ screenprinted fabrics … she just announced that Moda will be producing her designs as a quilting collection, with some laminates to sweeten the deal! Hooray! There will be 27 fabrics total in the quilting collection, and this is a peek at just some of them. [...]

Fabric Fives: Kelly McCants

Kelly McCants is the queen of oilcloth. She’s proprietress of the Etsy shops Oilcloth Addict, which offers oilcloth, laminated cottons, and Chalk Cloth by the yard, and Modern June, which offers finished goods made out of these unique, durable, charming fabrics. And in case you’re in any doubt she’s the queen, she’s now she’s got [...]

Oilcloth From Butik 76

Butik 76 is a small U.S.-based web shop carrying a nicely edited selection of oilcloth (actually laminated cottons, it sounds like) all designed in Denmark and Sweden. The owner writes about using these fabrics as tablecloths: I am married to a Dane and travel regularly to Copenhagen where I fell in love with the Scandinavian [...]

Preview: Three Collections by Hoodie

Hoodie, who was formerly with Blank Quilting, is now with Timeless Treasures, and she has not one but three collections debuting at Spring Quilt Market! Fruit a la Carte is the biggest, and the strawberry print will be available in laminated cotton. The other two are called All That Jazz and Alien Friends. Alien Friends [...]

Preview: Soul Blossoms Home Dec & Laminates by Amy Butler

Now here’s part II of the preview of Amy Butler‘s Fall 2010 collection, Soul Blossoms. (Did you see Part I earlier this week?) In addition to the quilting/apparel weight cottons, Soul Blossoms will also include a smaller group of home dec weight cottons and laminated fabrics. There are four prints here that are not in [...]

Preview: Soul Blossoms by Amy Butler

Amy Butler has released a preview of her Fall 2010 collection for Westminster, called Soul Blossoms. It includes a range of quilting cotton collection three colorways (Bliss, Joy, and Passion), home decor weight cottons, and cotton laminates. We’ll look at the decor weight and laminates later this week, because there are some prints unique to [...]

Laminated Cotton vs. Oilcloth

On the Pink Chalk Studio blog, Kathy has the lowdown on the differences between the new laminated cottons (from Westminster Fabrics in particular) and oilcloth. They are quite different creatures, it turns out. Kathy includes thorough care and sewing instructions for the laminated cottons — and be on the lookout for some projects tomorrow. Related [...]