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Fabric Fives: Ayumi Mills

{ Ringo Pie Bee Block by Ayumi Mills } I’ve gotten such a great response to the Fabric Fives posts I’ve been doing with authors on blog tours, I thought I would expand it to include everyone whose sewing, quilting, or tastes in fabric I admire. Ayumi Mills of Pink Penguin was one of the [...]

Japanese Fabric of the Week: Floating Animals

Here’s another Japanese fabric that is at once adorable and puzzling, and in the end even more adorable because it’s puzzling … these poor creatures seem to be hanging by their necks from the balloons, and then what of the ones without a balloon? And of course with the two-way print, some are floating and [...]

Digital Fabric of the Week: Tea Time

Last week’s Kawaii design challenge on Spoonflower was one of my favorites — I voted for more entries than I ever have before! The winner, Tea Time! by Deborah van de Leijgraaf (bora), would be perfectly at home in Japan. Check out van de Leijgraaf’s Etsy shop and website for lots of great T-shirts and [...]

Japanese Fabric of the Week

Just a random cute Japanese print, described as “Retro-Kawaii style of Showa-era” by seller FabHub on Etsy. Related posts: Japanese Fabric of the Week: Nemophila Japanese Fabric of the Week Japanese Fabric of the Week: Floating Animals Japanese Fabric of the Week: Triangle Trees Japanese Fabric of the Week

Japanese Fabric of the Week: Decole

Who can resist Decole? Not sure what exactly “Decole” vs. “Decolello” refer to, but if you go on a hunt, be sure to use both search terms. The images above all link to their sources — not all are currently for sale. The brand is designed by Yuka Saji and includes all kinds of zakka [...]

Fall Quilt Market 2009: Lecien (Part III)

For those of you just joining us: part I was reproduction collections, part II was vintage-inspired collections, and here are Lecien’s latest contemporary and cute fabrics. Minny Muu Plus Minny Muu Lovely Punch Girls – for bullies and fruit-drink loving gals. Oh, Color Basic. Let me just pet you. Caramel Town Charlotte Related posts: Fall [...]