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Spring Quilt Market 2012: Michael Miller In-House Collections

Michael Miller came on strong with its bright and cheery presence at Quilt Market. Not only did they showcase some fantastic new licensed collections, but they also debuted some exceptionally fun in-house collections which focus on the color stories they have been providing for the past few years as well as continuing to be a [...]

Spring Quilt Market 2011 – Michael Miller

Michael Miller‘s super-hero themed booth was fantastic. All the reps wore capes and there was even a identity-changing phonebooth. What isn’t more fun when you are wearing a cape? Here’s Kathy Miller holding the fabric that was the inspiration for the booth. Kathy was wonderful to meet with. She was super knowledgeable about fabric and [...]

Fall Quilt Market 2009: Michael Miller

Let’s start the coverage with Michael Miller. I’ll save the Michael Miller signature designers for another post, but here is the recent and upcoming releases from the Michael Miller studio — most if not all of these are designed by Kathy Miller herself. Coming soon: gnomes around the world! I can’t remember when these are [...]

Quilt Market Fall 2008: Michael Miller

It was close to closing time on the first day of Quilt Market, so we were all in a bit of a visually overstimulated daze at that point, but Kathy Miller of Michael Miller Fabrics was nice enough to sit down with Michelle and I for over an hour talking about their new fabrics (their [...]