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David Walker: Hopscotch

{ Pinks } Illustrator David Walker‘s latest collection for FreeSpirit is called Hopscotch. Definitely a fabric upon which you and your little girl can agree. Don’t worry, parents of boys (and tomboys), you’ll get the David Walker treatment in May. { Blues & Whites } { Golds & Greens } Related posts: Spring Quilt Market [...]

Daily Swatch: Pattern Types – Four-Way

Here is an example of a four-way novelty print. The sample is not large enough to determine whether all motifs are oriented in all four directions, but I’m going to go ahead and call it anyway. It’s from the collection of doe-c-doe (blog | shop) on Flickr. Related posts: Daily Swatch: Pattern Types – One-Way [...]

Daily Swatch: Cross Stitch/Pixel

This is the most retro-video-game-like of them all. Again, from (they must have a special place in their hearts for this style). One yard of 35″ wide fabric, c.1950s, $16. Related posts: Daily Swatch: Cross Stitch/Pixel Daily Swatch: Cross Stitch/Pixel Daily Swatch: Cross Stitch/Pixel Daily Swatch: Cross Stitch/Pixel Daily Swatch: Cross Stitch/Pixel

High As a Kite Fabric

It seems like every time I visit the Michael Miller site there is some new irresistible mini-collection. This print called High As a Kite is available in shops now. It coordinates with some of their stock dot and stripe designs. So sweet! And so violating my no-new-novelty-prints-on-white rule. Damn! Related posts: Japanese Fabric of the [...]

Japanese Fabric of the Week

This zoo fabric is awfully cute on its own, with its smartly dressed kids losing their balloons, the nice lines of the zoo building and tents, and sweet little elephants. But with the incongruous use of French it’s just irresistible. “Starry Sky. Seawater”! This might be one for Tula Pink’s collection, though I don’t know [...]

Japanese Fabric of the Week: Ed Emberley!

A couple years ago there was a Japanese line of Ed Emberley products in Japan (totes and clocks and other goods … you can still find the totes online but I’m not so sure of the other stuff). I was puzzled why it didn’t make it over here. Does any American child of the 1960s [...]

Daily Swatch: Landscapes

I guess it’s borderline whether you could call this one a landscape — it might be zoomed in a little close to qualify, but once I saw happy boys ogling over their gun, I just couldn’t resist! That girl is thinking, umm, OK, I’m getting my baby out of here right quick. This one is [...]

Interview: Tula Pink on Hushabye

Ladies and gentlemen, Tula Pink. You might know her from her debut line, Full Moon Forest, full of hidden animals and delightfully, trickily ornate designs — or maybe you’re more familiar with her other lines: Neptune, Flutterby, or Nest. Tula Pink has a die-hard fandom and it’s not hard to see why, when she shares [...]

Daily Swatch: Cats

Kitty detail from a vintage nursery fabric, from Niesz Vintage Fabric (shop) on Flickr. Related posts: Daily Swatch: Cats Daily Swatch: Cats Daily Swatch: Gingham Daily Swatch: May Flowers Daily Swatch: Pennsylvania Dutch