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Interview: Jay McCarroll (Part 2)

{ Habitat by Jay McCarroll, photo by Laura Singewald of Spool Sewing in Philadelphia } In part two of my interview with Jay McCarroll (here’s Part 1), I asked him to take us through the story and inspiration behind Habitat, and to talk about the process of creating each print and how they fit into [...]

Interview: Jay McCarroll (Part 1)

Jay McCarroll’s fourth fabric collection for FreeSpirit, Habitat, was released last month and so far it has gotten tons of love all over the blog world. On the off chance you don’t know who Jay is, he was crowned the winner of the first season of Project Runway for his colorful, inventive final collection that [...]

(The Triumphant Return of) New Release Tuesday

New Release Tuesday is my weekly roundup of new fabric sightings. These fresh arrivals have started to arrive in fabric shops and are ready to buy. Retailers, as always, if you carry any of these collections, let us know in the comments. It’s been a long time since the last New Release Tuesday … it [...]

Fall Quilt Market 2010 – FreeSpirit – Jay McCarroll

I am so excited about Jay McCarroll‘s upcoming collection, Habitat. His first three collections were cute and quirky and cool but here he’s gone sophisticated and fashionable — maybe more what you’d expect from him! These prints are just gorgeous and innovative and would be great for apparel or quilts or anything, really. I took [...]

FreeSpirit Apparel Fabrics

FreeSpirit is taking their “lifestyle fabrics” branding seriously. Later this year we can look forward to a number of apparel fabric collections from new and established designers, and I couldn’t be more excited. Above, a rayon poplin print from the Van Gogh collection (designer unknown). (via blempgorf). Jay McCarroll’s and Anna Maria Horner’s upcoming collections [...]

Project Runway Premiere + Jay McCarroll on Quilting Arts

Did you watch last night’s premiere of Project Runway Season 6? What did you think? Did you have any fabric- or sewing-related epiphanies? Did you feel fancy that you knew what smocking was when Christopher didn’t? Speaking of Project Runway, here‘s Season 1 winner Jay McCarroll’s appearance on Series 400 of Quilting Arts TV with [...]

Jay McCarroll Sightings

The Project Rungay blog has an interview with Jay McCarroll about his fabric collections Woodland Wonderland and Garden Friends. It covers just about everything I would ask him myself, so just pretend I did it! If you’re in Philadelphia, don’t miss Jay’s visit to (lovely True Up sponsor) Spool‘s Stitch party this Friday, Jan. 30, [...]

Quilt Market Fall 2008: Jay McCarroll

I’ve already posted my picture with Jay McCarroll, and I think everyone else sharing their reports from Quilt Market got their own picture with him … but have you gotten a look at his booth and seen his fabric in action? I loved this inspiration/process board showing his sketches and edits for the fabric mixed [...]

Jay McCarroll: Woodland Wonderland and Garden Friends

The FreeSpirit website is now showing Jay McCarroll‘s two debut collections, Woodland Wonderland and Garden Friends. My first impression — weird! In a good way. The deer and bunnies are very 70s and both collections have a kind of cute/psychedelic vibe. I love the Martha Negley-esque tree rings especially. It’s just not at all what [...]