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The Link Collective

I don’t typically cover “fabric with hems” here, but furoshiki are so versatile and these prints are so exciting, I thought I’d cap off the week with this small diversion. Furoshiki are multipurpose Japanese cloths that are used as gift wrap, scarves, bags, and anything else you can think of. The Link Collective brings traditional [...]

Kokka Happy Animals

Happy calico animals cotton, spotted at Nanagracy on Etsy. Related posts: Farm Animals From Lecien Happy Cats and Dogs Japanese Fabric of the Week: Floating Animals Kokka Labels and Ads Japanese Fabric of the Week: Jolis Copains from Kokka

Diamond Stripe Kids’ Prints from Kokka

Leaves, Marimekko-esque flowers, cars, and hippos — four different motifs, all brought together by diamondy-dotty stripes. These 100% cotton lightweight canvas prints (available individually or in precut bundles) were spotted at Fabricworm amongst lots of new fabrics from Kokka. Related posts: Kokka Trefle Scandi Prints Japanese Fabric of the Week: Jolis Copains from Kokka Kokka [...]

Kei Cats

Fabricworm has an impressive array of new Japanese imports including these vintage-y cats from Kei in three colorways. Related posts: Happy Cats and Dogs Daily Swatch: Cats Daily Swatch: Cats Daily Swatch: Cats Daily Swatch: Cats

Minä Perhonen

Japanese fashion legend Mina Perhonen (“I Butterfly” in Finnish) archives its fabrics on their website — do any other fashion brands do this? Looking back (all the way to 1997) it shows how ahead-of-the-curve yet timeless they are. Their collection always incorporates embellished/embroidered textiles as well as prints and wovens — too bad they’re not [...]

Makumo Textile Design

Makumo fabric panels and goods are hand-screenprinted by Japanese artisan Miki Fukuyama. These designs just blow me away, as does her screen printing skill (two+ colors is hard!). Her style is unique, beautiful, and edgy but not alienating. I like how some of the conversational designs are layered in black over different background patterns (see Animal [...]

Preview: Stamped by Ellen Luckett Baker for Kokka

Ellen Luckett Baker (author of the blog The Long Thread, the book 1, 2, 3 Sew, and my kind helper outer at Spring Quilt Market this year) will be releasing her second fabric collection with (cue angel choir) Kokka! It’s called “Stamped,” and it’s inspired by the handmade, block-printed look. There will be six prints [...]

Dutch Door Press for Kokka

Keli saw a glimpse of these fabrics at Spring Quilt Market, but I didn’t realize till seeing them at Fabricworm and Matatabi that they were designed by San Francisco’s Dutch Door Press, who have been letterpressing and screenprinting their Penn-Dutch and Euro-folk motifs since 2007 on Etsy — I’ve always wanted to see them design [...]

Double Gauze at Fabric Tales

Fabric Tales in Japan ships worldwide and has a nice selection of double gauze, including the Fruit Flowers collection above, Nani Iro and Echino, and some plain solids in white and natural (for your printing ventures perhaps?). Related posts: Daiwabo Double Gauze Help Japan by Buying Japanese Fabric Japanese Fabric of the Week: Nani Iro [...]