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Quarter Report

Quarter Report is a mini chain of brick & mortar shops in Japan offering its own brand of fabric and textile goods alongside worldwide brands like Almedahls, Boras, Marimekko, Kinnamark, Sanderson, Ljungbergs, and Florence Broadhurst. They have an online shop too. It’s all in Japanese so maybe someone can jump in and tell me more about the fabric specs and [...]

Muddy Works by Tomotake

  { image from Pink Chalk Fabrics } I misidentifed this collection at Quilt Market as Nani Iro (thanks to Miss Matatabi for the info), so I am posting to make amends and also because they’re wonderful fabrics worth another look. Muddy Works is by husband and wife design team Tomotake, and the simple geometric [...]

Fall Quilt Market 2012: Kei

Here’s what’s coming from Kei, the originators of the famous honeycomb dot. They have a beautiful retro-modern take on traditional Japanese motifs with the Kyoto Story collection. Their other series are loose collections of one-offs sharing a vaguely similar style — of course I go right for the vintage repros, but I’ll also be looking [...]

Fall Quilt Market 2012: Yuwa

{ Maybe my absolute favorite novelty print at this market, or ever? – this is Anyan’s second collection for the Yuwa Live Life line — the first, Cotorienne, was also a favorite last spring.  } Can I just please get a pneumatic tube installed that runs straight between Yuwa and my house? I love everything they do [...]

Fall Quilt Market 2012: Kokka – Melody Miller

Do you remember that scene in Amélie when the former occupant of Amélie’s apartment is reunited with his boyhood cigar box full of treasures? If so, you know a bit of how it felt to be in Melody Miller‘s booth this market. She had my childhood on those shelves and under that tree. It was, [...]

Fall Quilt Market 2012: Kokka

Kokka’s distinctive prints are always one of the high points at Market.  A portion of the booth was dedicated to Ellen Luckett Baker‘s new line Stamped (which is new in stores now). Inspired by hand-prints, the simple shapes and designs are perfectly suited to the cotton-linen blend fabric and the amazing array of colors. Ellen’s fabric [...]

Fall Quilt Market 2012: Lecien

Japanese company Lecien always has a strong showing at Market and this time was no exception. Their booth featured the new Folk Tale collection by Natalie Lymer. Folk Tale is full of little elves, woodland animals, birdcages and clocks with a unique mix of pastels and brights. Can you imagine creating party decor featuring this print? The bunting just [...]

Tamurakoma & Co.

Tamurakoma & Co. is more than 100 years old but this was their first time at quilt market. Everyone was abuzz about their collection by Sou Sou, calling it a “Japanese Marimekko.” These fabrics may be a bit of a hard sell to U.S. shops since they are narrow goods and pricey (~$80 yard retail), [...]


I had one of those panicky moments when I realized I hadn’t checked in on Japanese shop Pindot for a long time. Thankfully they are just the same, offering a beautifully curated selection of vintage fabric, their own line of cotton prints, and dress fabric. Last I heard shipping was within Japan only, but maybe [...]