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Spring Quilt Market 2013: Lecien

Sam supplied me with pictures of Lecien‘s new collections. I like the smaller scale and folky vibe (with text!) of Australian designer Lynette Anderson‘s Wildflower Wood.     Candy Cane Angel is a holiday collection, also by Lynette Anderson:     Snowflake by Meg Hawkey of Crabapple Hill features a big snowflake panel and lots of gold. [...]

Seven Islands on Facebook

In the past it has been difficult to find out about new Japanese fabrics, but the web presence of the Japanese companies has really been increasing lately. Seven Islands, U.S. distributor for Kokka, Cosmo, Kiyohara, and more, has been on Facebook for a few months now, posting their new Japanese fabrics regularly. These are just [...]

Echino Jacquards

At Fall Quilt Market as everyone exchanged hot tips on things to see, there was lots of excited whispering, “Echino jaquards! Echino jacquards! Echino! Jaquards!” They are finally arriving in U.S. stores for all your upholstery and other heavyweight woven needs. Can you imagine an entire Echino sofa? Thanks to The Stitch Lab in Austin [...]

Polka Dot Knit

This polka dot sweatshirt-looking heathered knits from are adorable! I don’t know the first thing about the site but there is always a lovely reader or two who chimes in on international shipping and such things. (via Japanese Sewing Books) Related posts: Japanese Fabric of the Week: Floating Animals Daiwabo Double Gauze Japanese Fabric [...]

Cotorienne by Anyan for Yuwa

We got to see Anyan‘s Summer/Autumn 2012 Cotorienne collection for Yuwa (a website for Yuwa! Hooray!) at Fall Quilt Market, and now it’s starting to arrive in stores and I’m getting all jittery and hoardy feeling. The Spring 2013 collection is also online and available through his online shop, but maybe not till later this [...]

Nani Iro 2013

The Nani Iro 2013 collection by Naomi Ito is starting to arrive in stores. Along with the double gauze, most prints come in a unique colorway on a hemp-cotton blend. The Nani Iro website seems to grow and grow with each season, there is now a web shop through which you can purchase the fabrics and [...]

Daiwabo Double Gauze

Sweet double gauze prints for spring sewing from Daiwabo, spotted at Japan Lovely Crafts on Etsy. Related posts: Double Gauze at Fabric Tales Vintage Prints From Daiwabo Black & White Floral by Yuko Furutani Spring Quilt Market 2011: Daiwabo – Novelty Prints Japanese Fabric of the Week: Tip Top Elephants

Ayumills’ Shop

Ayumi Takahashi (Pink Penguin)’s Etsy shop is small but well-curated. Some fabric you’ve never seen before, some fabric you may have seen before but maybe not through Ayumi’s eyes. She favors hard-to-find vintage reproductions, vintage-inspired, and text fabrics from Suzuko Koseki, Kumiko Fujita, Atsuko Matsuyama, and more from Yuwa, Kei, Lecien, and other manufacturers. I’m [...]

Kokka Faces of Beauty

Someone at Kokka must have a Boston Terrier. This fabric just cracks me up. The little stars are a nice touch too. Available at Fabricworm in turquoise and pink, though these images are from the Hong Kong-based Modes4U who has just the pink version. Related posts: Japanese Fabric of the Week: Jolis Copains from Kokka [...]